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Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Professor of Systematic Theology and Caldwell-Morrow Lecturer in Church History at Queensland Presbyterian Theological College in Australia:

1. Antichrist in Scripture - A brief article that identifies the "Man of Sin," by Dr. Lee. (Off site)

2. The Anti-Preterist Historicism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards - A short article by Dr. Lee.

3. Calvin on Islam - This latest article by Dr. Lee deals with Calvin's view on Islam from the Historicist perspective. Must reading for today's Christians.

4. Daniel's Eschatology - From Lee's Onward Christian Soldiers. This commentary on Daniel will complement the work on Revelation below.

  • Download the accompanying prophetic chart.

5. Islam in the Bible - In light of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, nothing could be more important for you to understand than the prophecies of the Bible concerning Islam. Read this article by Dr. Lee today.

6. John's Historicistic Epistles - Dr. Lee examines the historicist nature of John's three Epistles. Contains an excellent explanation of the meaning of the term, "Antichrist."

7. John's Revelation Unveiled - Read this brand new commentary on Revelation by Dr. Lee that takes the Historical Protestant interpretation. This is part of a larger work by Dr. Lee called, Onward Christian Soldiers.

8. Luther on Islam and the Papacyc

- An excellent article on Luther's views of Islam and the Papacy and serves as a complimentary article to Dr. Lee's work called, "Calvin on Islam" listed above.

9. The Olivet Discourse and the Destruction of Jerusalem in Prophecy - Dr. Lee examines Matthew 23 and 24 and takes a special look at various dispensational views.

10. The Man of Sin in 2nd Thessalonians - Another installment in the Onward Christian Soldiers series. Dr. Lee exegetes 2nd Thessalonians Chapters 1 and 2 and identifies the "Man of Sin" from Scripture and history.

11. Biblical Predictions not Preterist but Historicist- Dr. Lee traces how the view of both the Bible and the historical Church overwhelmingly affirms historicism and rejects preterism. A must read that has been recently updated.

12. The Sixth Point of Calvinism: Eschato-ethics - Dr. Lee reveals the commanded Christian conquest of the cosmos as enjoined in the Footnotes of the Dutch States' Bible commissioned at the international 'T-U-L-I-P' Synod of Dordt in 1618-1619.

Other Books and Articles of Interest

1. The Papacy is the Antichrist - This book contains the classic teaching of the Protestant Reformation regarding Antichrist (an integral part of that Reformation, we might add -- as all the Reformed creeds and confessions attest). The easy-reading format and style make this online book an ideal introduction to this topic. Hard copy editions of Wylie's works are located here.

2. Postmillennialism and Protestantism - A collection of articles by various Convenanters regarding Postmillennialism and Preterism. (Off site)

3. Critiques of Preterism - A collection of on-line booklets refuting partial and full preterism. (Off site)

3. Let My People Go - A current examination of where we stand in history and what will be happening, from one post-millennial historicistic perspective. (Off site)

4. Thy Kingdom Come - An extensive course in church history from the church's inception to its future victory, from a post-millennial historicistic perspective. This is an excellent resource for home school families. (Off site)

5. A Timeline of Church History Proposed – This timeline is based upon a post-millennial historicist interpretation of the book of Revelation.

6. Parallel Histories – These timelines suggest the parallels between Old Testament church history, New Testament church history, and the life of Jesus Christ. (Off site)

7. Durham's Commentary on Revelation – This is Rev. James Durham’s classic commentary on Revelation, based upon a postmillennial historicist interpretation of the book of Revelation.

8. ŕ Brakel's Commentary on Revelation – This is an English translation of Rev. Wilhelmus ŕ Brakel’s classic commentary on Revelation, based upon a postmillennial historicist interpretation of the book of Revelation, with a Foreword explaining its relevance today .


Additionally, the Foundation has selected some other books for understanding Biblical prophecy and Historicism in particular. Please visit bookstore for the recommended titles which may be purchased from us.



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