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The Historicism Research Foundation!

The Historicism Research Foundation depends upon generous individuals like you to support our work. We have an aggressive book publishing and webzine effort underway. In the future, we plan on holding an international prophecy conference.

There are three main ways that you can support the Foundation:

1. By switching your long distance service to LifeLine. Lifeline is a 100% bona fide Christian long distance provider with competitive rates. By signing up with Lifeline for their long distance, 10% of your charges will be given back to The Historicism Research Foundation. Lifeline also has iFriendly Internet access that filters out pornography and other dangerous web sites. Just visit our dedicated Internet web page at Lifeline to sign up.

2. By making an occasional contribution through our secure web server or via U.S. Mail. You can make a one time donation whenever it is convenient through our secure web server using a major credit card or by filling out our form to the right and mailing the contribution to Foundation headquarters.

3. By becoming an Underwriter of our ministry. There are many benefits for becoming an Underwriter. For starters, you will be added to an exclusive e-mail list just for Underwriters. The list will feature the latest Foundation news, book publishing plans, seminar updates, and other vital information. You will receive this news before anyone else does on our general e-mail list or web site. Additionally, you will receive exclusive discounts on book purchases and other items from time to time available to no one else.

Also, to show our appreciation for your commitment to the Foundation, we will issue you a certificate indicating the level of your Underwriting as follows:

Protestant $15/month
Reformer $25/month
Puritan $50/month
Covenanter $75/month
Historicist $100/month

To become an Underwriter, just follow the link to our secure server. You may also become an Underwriter by filling out our form to the right and mailing the monthly contribution to Foundation headquarters.

We are a tax-exempt organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Service code. Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Also, I would welcome you to volunteer your time and abilities to help support our work. Just fill out our handy web form to volunteer at the HRF.

In Christ,
Val W. Finnell, MD
The Historicism Research Foundation

P.S. I really hope that you can commit to supporting our work by contributing financially or through volunteering. Without good people like you, we would not be able to bring this vital educational ministry to Christians around the world.

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Level of Donation:
Method of payment:

For all Contributors: "I agree to pledge the above amount to The Historicism Research Foundation on a one-time or monthly basis. I understand that I will not be billed, but will faithfully send the amount to Foundation headquarters."

For Underwriters: "I furthermore acknowledge that the Foundation has the right to withdraw my name from the Underwriters List and other benefits for failure to maintain the monthly contribution solely at the discretion of the Foundation."

Send your check or money order made payable to "The Historicism Research Foundation" to:

The Historicism Research Foundation 3032 Park North Drive
El Paso, TX 79904-2413

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