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Some Historicist Links (alphabetical)

The Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics (CRTA) - A comprehensive source for Reformed information.

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland - The Free Prebyterian Church of Scotland adheres to the historic post-millennialism found in the original Westminster Standards. Their Free Presbyterian Magazine offers articles and commentaries from this perspective.

Historicist Books - This website offers links to an assortment of historicist resources.

Ichthustref.nl - This Dutch christian website provides links to many christian websites in the world. Texts from Reformation theologians and of important leaders in the so called "nadere reformatie" have an important place on this site.

Dr. Francis Nigel Lee's web site - Visit our advisor's page for original, scholarly articles on Historicism and other theological topics. Be sure to sign up for Dr. Lee's e-mail list while there for automatic updates.

The Puritans' Network - Resources promoting the historic puritan and reformed faith. These include The Puritans' Home School Curriculum and Puritan News Weekly. The resources are consistent with post-millennial historicism.

Reformed Layman - This website has old, out of print puritan and reformed works, including some relating to Biblical prophecy.

Revelation: A Panorama of the Gospel Age - Free access to the classical historical interpretation of Revelation.

Shorter Catechism Project - A study resource for The Westminster Shorter Catechism. Works include studies by John Flavel, Matthew Henry, James Fisher, Thomas Vincent, Thomas Watson, and John Whitecross.

Still Waters Revival Books - The large collection of Historicist works under one roof. Be sure to check out their special page dealing with Reformation Eschatology for classic Historicist titles.

William Farel Society - Australian Reformed Network Awarezine. The home page of the Newcastle Evangelical Church and the Australian Reformed Network. Information includes historical and critical studies in authentic modern Reformation history and the works of the Holy Spirit in true revival. Evangelical news, reviews and Historicist eschatology information is also available at this site.


NOTICE! In no way should it be construed that the contents of sites listed here are endorsed by The Historicism Research Foundation, unless specifically stated.

Further, The Historicism Research Foundation is a focused-issue, para-church organization. Linked sites may contain theological viewpoints on other issues-- those viewpoints have nothing to do with The Historicism Research Foundation or the decision to allow the site to be listed on this page.




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