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Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee:

It is a pleasure for me to endorse The Historicism Research Foundation, and to commend its work to the prayers and financial support of God's People everywhere. The Holy Bible teaches the fulfillment of most of its predictions neither preteristically (at the time uttered), nor futuristically (beyond history). God's Word teaches the fulfillment of most of its predictions precisely during history -- between Adam's fall and Christ the Second Adam's incarnation, and thereafter also during all the many years right down till the final return of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the end of church history.

The Foundation's efforts to promote seminars and publications and its website -- are all laudable endeavors to draw attention to historicism as the consistent predictive teaching of God's Word. This has been seen by the Early Church, the Reformation, the Puritan Fathers and indeed all who understand the need for a consistent recognition of God's dealings with mankind from Adam's creation onward and right down to this present day.

Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee (Ph.D., Th.D. etc.), Prof. of Systematic Theology & Caldwell-Morrow Lecturer in Church History, Queensland Presbyterian Theological College, Brisbane, Australia. 2000.

Pastor Richard Bacon:

Reformed and Presbyterian churches in the past century and a half have lost an important hermeneutical and exegetical tool as they have more and more turned away from an historical understanding of the prophecies of Revelation to adopt either a futurist or a preterist point of view. Little known is the fact that the futurist and preterist interpretations were actually invented by Romish apologists in order to deflect the Protestant Reformation's nearly unanimous conclusion that the Pope is antichrist and 'that man of sin' of Second Thessalonians.

It is a happy providence that there have been of late more significant studies into the Reformed and Presbyterian understanding of the book of Revelation and other New Testament prophetical utterances. We hope The Historicism Research Foundation increases that interest. The foundation has asked my opinion of their efforts, and it is with humility and hope that I wish them God's best as they undertake this important work.

Richard E. Bacon, Ph.D. Pastor,
First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett

Reg Barrow of Still Waters Revival Books:

At Still Waters Revival Books ( www.swrb.com ) we were very pleased to hear from Dr. Val Finnell when he emailed us about his work at The Historicism Research Foundation. We will certainly be praying that Dr. Finnell will reach many with the Biblical eschatology of the Reformation (Historicism). Many in our day have been duped by the Jesuit inspired eschatological systems of Preterism and Futurism (see http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/ApocInt.htm ) and it is a great joy to see the revival of the eschatology of the Apostles and of our Reformed forefathers (and the Protestant martyrs) that is now taking place. May our Lord grant Dr. Finnell and all others involved in The Historicism Research Foundation the grace, wisdom and strength necessary to uphold the truth against the Papal man of sin (2 Thes. 2:3, Westminster Confession of Faith 25:6), Rome's harlot daughters (Rev. 17:5) and all the other enemies of Christ's church (like Islam and all antichristian civil governments which will not bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ) noted in the book of Revelation -- as we move toward a third Reformation!

For the Third Reformation,
Reg Barrow, President Still Waters Revival Books www.swrb.com

Oral Collins, Ph.D:

I am pleased hereby to offer my endorsement of Dr. Finnell's Historicism Research Foundation, a timely and much needed thrust back to Reformation fundamentals in the interpretation of biblical prophecy. May I encourage all readers to seriously consider historicism as the antidote to Romanism on the one hand and modernism on the other.

Oral Collins, Ph.D
Professor of Bible
The Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies

The purpose of the The Historicism Research Foundation is to deal with Biblical prophecy within the Historical, Reformed Confessional framework and an endorsement from an individual or group does not mean that the Foundation agrees with all of the views espoused by that particular individual or group.



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