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The 21st Century King James Version of the Holy Bible (KJ21) is an updating of the original 1611 King James Version. Obsolete and archaic words have been replaced with the most exact modern synonym.

Read this review by Theodore P. Letis, PhD., Director of The Institute for Renaissance and Reformation Biblical Studies.

21st Century King James Version (hardcover)

21st Century King James Version (Navy bonded leather)

21st Century King James Version (Burgundy bonded leather)

21st Century King James Version (Black bonded leather)


Revelation, Four Views ed. by Steve Gregg - No matter what your views on Revelation, this book belongs on your shelf. The Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Spiritual (Idealist) views are compared side by side in a unique parallel fashion that stimulates learning.

Revelation : Four Views : A Parallel...

The Two Babylons, by Rev. Alexander Hislop. This amazing volume proves the Papal worship to be actually the worship of Nimrod and his wife, complete in every detail. The Introduction notes that "The Providence of God, conspiring with the Word of God, by light pouring in from all quarters, makes it more and more evident that Rome is in very deed the Babylon of the Apocalypse; that the essential character of her system, the grand objects of her worship, her festivals, her doctrine and discipline, her rites and ceremonies, her priesthood and their orders, have all been derived from ancient Babylon; and, finally, that the Pope himself is truly and properly the lineal representative of Belshazzar." (from the dust cover)

Two Babylons or the Papal Worship Proved...

Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, by Sir Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist who has ever lived. It is, in fact, generally accepted that he is probably the greatest scientist who ever will live, since no one, no matter how brilliant, will again be in such a unique historical position...Isaac Newton believed that the Bible is literally true in every respect. Throughout his life, he continually tested Biblical truth against the physical truths of experimental and theoretical science. He never observed a contradiction. In fact, he viewed his own scientific work as a method by which to reinforce belief in Biblical truth. (from the Introduction)

Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel...

The Interpretation of Prophecy, by Patrick Fairbairn. - First published in 1856, this book has continued to benefit students of Scripture for well over a century and remains Patrick Fairbairn's best-known work. Like all of his writings it is characterized by a deep familiarity with Scripture, careful and thoroughly-researched scholarship, and a sane and balanced approach to exegesis. In this reprint of the revised 1864 edition, Fairbairn gives us the mature reflections of a lifetime of devoted scholarly study of prophecy (from the dust cover).

Interpretation of Prophecy

The 1560 Geneva Bible - "The 1560 Geneva Bible is the work of religious leaders exiled from England to Geneva, Switzerland, after 1553. It was the first bible in English to divide the scriptures into numbered verses. It was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the 16th and 17th centuries. Shakespeare quoted the Geneva Bible more than 5000 times in his plays. The images contained within the bible were produced by hand-created woodcuts. The marginal notes often reflected Calvinistic and Protestant reformation influences. These notes were not yet accepted by the Church of England and led to the Bible's demise. King James I considered the Geneva Bible "seditious" and made its ownership a felony. The Pilgrims and Puritans brought the Geneva Bible to America. This Vintage Archives replica edition has been digitally re-mastered and slightly enlarged for easier reading, but none of the content has been altered. It contains all 80 books of the Bible within the Old Testament, Apocrypha and New Testament." (From the Publisher).

1560 Geneva Bible

The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. II by LeRoy Edwin Froom - This second volume in the history of prophetic interpretation covers the Old World exposition from the Renaissance to the French Revolution...This volume concerns itself with the line of testimony that begins the great scholars of the Renaissance and was carried on by opposing expositors of the Reformation and post-Reformation periods. (From the Publisher).

The Foundation recommends that you begin with Volume II of Froom since it deals with the Reformation period, the Jesuit counter-interpretations of Revelation (i.e. futurism and preterism) and the identification of the Man of Sin. Later, we recommend that you get the other volumes in the set (numbers III, I, and IV in that order).

Although an Adventist publication, Froom's work is recognized as authoritative by the religious leaders of many faiths and is recognized as a standard reference work in its field by many colleges and seminaries.

Call 1-800-866-4307 to order.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible, Complete and Unabridged - This one volume source contains Matthew Henry's commentary on the whole Bible. Benefit from one of the greatest Biblical commentators of all time. Henry was a Historicist and his notes through Daniel and Revelation take the historical position. A treasure that should be in every Christian's library.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole...


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