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Books For Sale- Please send your book orders and check payment to J. Parnell McCarter, 6408 Wrenwood, Jenison, MI 49428. For questions about ordering, email info@puritans.net. Books currently available include:

1. The Anti-Christ Chronicles : What Prophecy Teachers Aren't Telling You, by Steve Wohlberg (PB) - $5.00 .

2. Left Behind Deception: Revealing Dangerous Errors About the Rapture and the Anti-Christ, by Steve Wohlberg (PB) - $5.00 .

3. 4 Audio CDs: Four Biographical Sermons, by Ian Paisley (CD) - $20 .

4. Foxe's Book of Martyrs: Complete and Unabridged (PB) - $10.





Shipping and Handling

Books will be shipped in the continental United States via U.S. Postal Service. The shipping and handling charge is 10% of book purchase price, but a minimum of $7. Please add this shipping and handling charge when sending a check payment with orders.

Please email info@puritans.net if you live outside the continental United States and would like to order books.



We will ship books for as long as availability lasts, on a first come/first served basis. If we do not have certain books you ordered, then we will reimburse you for this amount. For questions about availability, email info@puritans.net .

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