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Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

Until his death in 2011, Dr. Francis Nigel Lee served as our advisor. Dr. Lee was born in 1934 in the Westmorland County of Cumbria (in Great Britain). He is the great-grandson of a fiery preacher whose family disintegrated when he backslid. Though Lee's father was an Atheist, he married a Roman Catholic who raised her son in that faith.

At the onset of the Second World War, Lee's father was appointed by the Royal Navy as Chief Radar Officer (South Atlantic). So the family then moved to South Africa. There, Lee became a Calvinist; had the great joy of leading both of his parents to Christ; and became a Minister of God's Word and Sacraments in the Dutch Reformed Church of Natal.

Emigrating to the U.S.A., Lee attended the very first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America; transferred his ministerial credentials to that denomination; and pastored Congregations in Mississippi and Florida. He was also: Professor of Philosophy at Shelton College in New Jersey; Visiting Lecturer at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Ms.; Staley Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis; Research Scholar-in-Residence at the Christian Studies Center in Memphis; and Academic Dean of Graham Bible College in Bristol, Tennessee. He was then the only person in the World serving on the Executives of both the British Lord's Day Observance Society and the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States.

Preacher, Theologian, Lawyer, Educationist, Historian, Philosopher and Author, Lee produced more than 330 publications (including many books) -- and also a multitude of long unpublished manuscripts. Apart from an honorary LL.D., he had twenty-one earned degrees -- including eleven earned doctorates for dissertations* in Education, Law, Literature, Philosophy and Theology.

A diehard predestinarian, Lee ended his life in Australia -- where he served as emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology and Caldwell-Morrow Lecturer in Church History at the Queensland Presbyterian Theological College. He retired in 2000.

His wife Nellie was a fulltime Christian Service as a godly Homemaker. Their elder daughter Johanna completed her M.A.; and teaches English, German and Modern History in Brisbane at the Parkridge High School. Their younger daughter Annamarie (B.A. & Dip. Lib. Sc.), whom Dr. Lee baptized as a baby in 1970, was until 1998 Secretary/Librarian at the Queensland Presbyterian Theological College, Brisbane, Australia. After completing her Dip. Ed., she became a Teacher and the Librarian at Lockhart River Primary School in Northern Queensland.

* Th.D.: The Covenantal Sabbath
Ph.D.: Communist Eschatology
D.Min.: Daily Family Worship
D.Ed.: Catechism Before Communion!
S.T.D.: Rebaptism Impossible!
D.R.E.: Baby Belief Before Baptism!
D.Jur.: Women Ministers & Australian Litigation
D.Litt.: Holinshed on the Ancient British Isles
D.C.L.: The Roots and Fruits of the Common Law
D.Hum.: Tiny Human Life -- Abortion and IVF
D.Phil.: Miracles -- What and When and Why?

Dr. Francis Nigel Lee


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